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Our Story

It is on a blank page that an idea becomes a project. PAFF! was born just like that. It was drawn by an artist on a white sheet: the same where all comics, novels and plays begin! Do not be deceived by the home we found in the 19thcentury villa, PAFF! is still as white and therefore dynamic as the original paper: a canvas for creativity.

Who we are

Thanks to its across-the-board team and the support of leading figures in the world of culture, this progressive vision became a reality in Pordenone, a small town in the north-east of Italy.

Our philosophy

Just like young seeds sprout at the fringe of the forest, new ideas bloom where they find the light to grow. By working hard, often independently, we make a lot of things happen, but we are nonetheless looking for people who share our own enthusiasm and vision.

“When I want to relax, I read an essay by Hegel. When I want something more serious, I read Corto Maltese”

Umberto Eco

0039 0434 392 941


Villa di Parco Galvani – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Armando Pizzinato
Viale Dante 33, 33170 Pordenone (PN) ITALIA