Masters of Marvel & DC – Online Exhibition Virtual Tour


14 superheroes: Superman, Spider-man, Batman, Thor, Flash, Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman, Avengers, Justice League, Captain America, Catwoman, Iron Man, Watchmen

  • 111 original artworks zoomable in HD
  • 24 great comic-book masters of Marvel and DC : Jack Kirbry, Bob Kane, John Buschema, John Romita, Sal Bushema, Alex Ross, Alan Davis, Neal Adams, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Lee, Carmine Infantino, John Byrne, Gene Colan, Frank Robbins, George Tuska, Bob Brown, Mike Deodato, Don Heck,  Kevin O’Neal, Curt Swan, Ed Benes, Wayne Boring, Sean Murphy
  • 25 pages episode in original of Sean Murthy’s Batman Curse of the White Knight
  • 23 VR 360° hotspots
  • 300 square meters of exhibition area over 2 rooms
  • 7 days long e-ticket validity, 24h/24.

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