Lockdown Chronicles (ENG)


Project for charity

PAFF! Palazzo Arti Fumetto Friuli di Pordenone


The project

il mantello di carta

After the positive experience of the book il Mantello di Carta based on the tale by Carlo Lucarelli, realized in 2015 to fund palliative pediatric therapy, where we collected 50 illustrations by world-wide graphic artists as Mordillo, Manara, Mattotti, Giardino, Milazzo, Bozzetto, Ortolani, Silver, Boucq, Cosey and many others, also presented as short-movie at Giffoni Film Festival and Festival del cinema di Venezia, we are going to publish a new book about Corona-Virus  emergency, to donate the entire proceeds to Research, while promoting the initiative with an exhibition of the original artworks at PAFF! .

A bit like what was done for the Charlie Hebdo tragedy too with the post you find here aside. In this very same moment other similar initiatives have the same goal. Obviously this is not competition, but the beautiful choral reaction by “our” world converging to common social purposes, so all of us must be proud and sustain each other.


We still don’t know when the book will be phisically printed, but meanwhile we’ll be collecting the artworks, creating the book’s layout, and organizing the exhibition to be ready2go when the situation will be normal again. The purpose is to reach 100 artworks by international comics-artists to bring hope through creativity, humour, poetry, resilience and beauty.



The project consists of following points:

  • Illustration-book about COVID-19 circumstance
  • Exhibition at PAFF! Palazzo Arti Fumetto of Pordenone of the original artworks of the book (if original artwork won’t be available, a digital copy just for the exhibition will be done)
  • Conferences and signing-events with the authors
  • The entire proceeds of the sales of the book will be donated. The recipient will be decided afterwards depending on the emergency evolution
  • No charity auction is planned


  • first edition: 1000 copies
  • price: 18 €
  • isbn: 978-88-909401-3-2
  • size: 21 X 21 cm
  • pages: 100 – 120
  • costs: around 3.500€ (print, shipment, panels, exhibition)

cash-in wish
to donate entirely


Cut-off day for shipment?
We decided to set the 1st May 2020 as cut-off day for artworks shipment, but if you can send us your artwork before, please do it in order to make the editing of the book easier and quicker.

The artwork must be unpublished?
Not necessarily. You can send us an already published artwork, on-line or on paper, but free from copyrights. You can also realize an original artwork for the event.

The original artwork will be donated to PAFF?
No. The original artwork is still your property, you just grant to PAFF the right to freely publish it.

The artwork can have different sizes from 21X21?
Sure. Your illustration can have any format different from 21X21. (Just to be clear) The artwork can be horizontal or vertical and in fact we decided for a squared book exactly to embrace any kind of format.

Colours or black & white?
You are free to choose the technique you prefer, the book will be anyway printed in colours.

A charity auction will be done?
No. We think that in this moment a charity auction doesn’t give the right value to artist’s job because the quotations are often lower than the real value of the artworks, humiliating the job of an artist.

The shipment of the original panel for the exhibition will be charged to PAFF?

How the book will be distributed?
The book will be sold at PAFF’s bookshop and on-line through our web-page and also Amazon. Normal distribution would be too expensive minimizing the fundraising. It’s already active a pre-sale campaign.

For any further question please contact us: coronavirus@paff.it