Graphic journalism according to Zerocalcare

Adatto a: Every age; see prerequisites section
Dove: PAFF! International Museum of Comic Art
Quando: 16/09/2021 - 17/09/2021
Orari: 9:30 - 13:30

Comics Journalism Masterclass

How to make information today using the comics medium without seeking the sensational effect, but reporting the direct testimonies collected in the most objective and respectful way possible.

This masterclass is held in person at PAFF! (but in case of need, students can also follow the course remotely through Google Meet). The teacher is present in the classroom.

Teacher: Zerocalcare


Around the world, a new group of cartoonists are merging their art with the work of the journalist to create compelling reportage works that describe everything from war-torn countries to tourist curiosities of an area, often with an autobiographical point of view. Projects that work with the most varied techniques, telling stories that may not be on the front page, but offer a level of meditative nuance and depth often reserved for the best research and investigation works. They are “graphic journalists” and their work is still a relatively unknown aspect of the infographic revolution that is sweeping the world of journalism.

Zerocalcare, whose definitive affirmation took place precisely with Kobane Calling in 2016 and Kobane Calling Oggi in 2020, has long been the most titled reporter of Italian comics, thanks to accurate, ironic, funny and dramatic pages that tell through experiences in the field by the author/correspondent the proof of the Kurdish people, engaged in their battle of resistance and survival.

The Masterclass in two half days Graphic Journalism according to Zerocalcare, captures the growing importance of the genre, which follows the global spread of the graphic novel: a new kind of story that sanctions another stage in the infinite evolution of the drawn story. A story that makes information using the comic medium without seeking the sensational effect, but reporting the direct testimonies collected in the most objective and respectful way possible.


There are no age limits: all people who have one or more comic stories behind them, or who have attended at least one basic course in comics, are welcome. You are required to submit a portfolio or at least a single comic story that allows candidates to be selected. The portfolio must be sent to Confirmation of admission to the Masterclass will be sent.

Issue of the certificate

A certificate of participation is to be issued for this activity.

Teaching materials

Attendants will have to bring home the materials they usually use to write and draw their comics.

Photo and video shooting

The class will be documented for promotion on social networks.

Legal regulations

Our classrooms are large enough to allow a distance of 1 meter between the participants and are regularly sanitized.

Booking information

Reservation for the Masterclass is mandatory and is done by filling the form below. It is not possible to participate without having booked. If the payment is made on the spot on the same day, it is necessary to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the lesson.

The Masterclass will be activated upon reaching the minimum number of 10 participants. Subscribers will be notified in time in the event of a missed departure. Participation in the Masterclass is limited: up to 15 participants are allowed.

Zerocalcare (Michele Rech, 1983) is a Roman author, he lives and works in Rebibbia, a neighborhood he relishes. Always active in the world of social centers, in 2011 he produced his first comic book, La profezia dell’armadillo (The prophecy of the armadillo). Since then he has published eleven other successful comic books (all published by BAO Publishing). After the candidacy for the Strega Prize, in 2018 the exhibition Scavare Fossati – Nutrire I coccodrilli (Digging Ditches – Feeding Crocodiles) arrives at the MAXXI in Rome. His bestseller Kobane Calling – now Kobane Calling Today, in the updated and definitive edition of 2020 – tells of his experience on the Turkish-Syrian border in support of the Kurdish people. This reportage earned him the 2017 Micheluzzi Award for Best Book, has been translated into eight languages and has sold over 120,000 copies.