“Courage Giulio! A comics presence in Pordenone would be the perfect sandwich filling between the literature festival and the silent film festival the city already embraces!”

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Art Spiegelman

Comic Book Artist, Pulitzer Award for "Maus" (1992) - New York, USA

“(…) we must consider that the idea is not exactly that of an exhibition, nor of a museum in the traditional sense of the term, but more precisely of a center of  culture focused on this topic which is now, by universal opinion of all art experts and historians, a monumental topic. So, making it in a context like Pordenone which is a city that has an artistic history behind much more important than you might think, (…) the fact of having this institute here that can truly become a promoter of culture and research is remarkable”.

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Claudio Strinati

Art historian, Superintendent roman museums (1991- 2009) - Rome, ITA

“(…) We welcome this new project with great interest and are curious to follow its evolution.
It is always interesting for us to see the birth of other centers whose aim is to promote comics. (…) the villa chosen for the project seems ideal for a museum that wants to be modern and bright. The place really looks remarkable. The fact that mosaics from the city of Pordenone have restored the entrance hall to our museum is a funny anecdote and already creates a unique bond between the two of us”.

Willem De Graeve

Director, CBBD Cenre Belge de la Bande Dessinée - Bruxelless, B

“It is with great interest that the National Cinema Museum of Turin follows the PAFF! project (…) Looking forward to hearing about the developments of your project and starting one soon fruitful collaboration”.

Donata Pesenti Campagnoni

Museum curator, National Museum of Cinema - Turin, ITA

“(…) we confirm you our interest of creating links between your project and the R/O lnstitute we have recently launched in Charleroi. We keep really aware of the development of your initiative and remain available lo dig our relationship”.

François Pernot

President Chief Executive Officer, R/O Institute for next gen storytellers - Bruxelles (B)

“I am very happy to confirm to you the interest that Dargaud-Lomhard SA has in your project of PAFF.
The concept, which goes beyond that of a comic book museum, is as ambitious as it is innovative. The idea of ​​a modern place, at the crossroads of several media, and intended for all age groups is interesting. And the place you have chosen looks very beautiful and inspiring”.

Cristelle Hoolans

Executive director, Dargaud-Lombard SA - Paris, FRA

“(…) I follow with interest the PAFF! project (…) Comics has one
truly enviable quality: it is a transversal and universal genre, it manages to thrill visitors from different backgrounds and interests, the most cultured people as well as the youngest (…)
Looking forward to updates on the evolution of the project, my warmest support initiative”.

Guido Comis

Curator, Director of the Cataloging service, Promotion, Enhancement and Development of the Territory, MASI - Lugano CH (2015-2019), Villa Manin - Passiariano, ITA

“I can confirm my keen interest in PAFF!, your project for plurimedia cultural activities around comics.
As a BD communication agency operating for more than 20 years in France, and having had the opportunity to call on your talent, I will in particular be ready to study a collaboration with your structure”.

Philippe Perié

Founder and CEO, Corporate Fiction - Paris, FRA