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24 DICEMBRE: dalle 10 alle 19
25 DICEMBRE riposo
26 DICEMBRE: dalle 10 alle 19
31 DICEMBRE: dalle 10 alle 16
1 GENNAIO: dalle 15 alle 19
6 GENNAIO: dalle 10 alle 19

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Grande mostra a Pordenone

An amazing talent

Born in Granada in 1967, he has worked in Disney studios since 1993 but it is with BLACKSAD in 2000 that Juanjo Guarnido’s talent becomes famous all over the world. A hard-boiled noir genre, rich in historical and cultural references whose peculiarities are the amazing colors, breathtaking shots and anthropomorphic characters of rare dramatic expressiveness.

130 originals on display

The spectacular mastery of the Spanish author surprises the visitor and transports him to a world of powerful watercolors in the evocative settings of the 1950s States.

Scenographic installations, blow-ups and objects that give this exciting exhibition the experiential and immersive characteristics of major international events.


…and then

The exhibition also offers a final section with tables from the comic books Sorcelleries, Voyageur and Nelle Indie perigliose.

Strepitoso e inusuale


Wide range of official products. Prints numbered and signed by the author, prestigious publications and gadgets.

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