PAFF! (Palazzo delle Arti del Fumetto in Friuli*) of Pordenone (ITA) is located in the historical Villa Galvani (built in 1826), with a beautiful public park bathed by a pond.

This building was restored and extended in 2010.

We structured an articulated high profile project to reinvent the “cultural container”.

*Building of Arts of Comics in Friuli Region

Pordenone is a nice city of 51.000 inhabitants, in the north east of Italy. It is 1 hour far from Venice and sea, and 30 min from UNESCO heritage Friuli Dolomiti mountains. It has bathed by Noncello river that gives the originary latin name to the city (Portus Naonis). Its old town is middle age dated but. Its most important historic artist is Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis (c. 1484–1539) better known as Il Pordenone. During the year the city hosts important cultural events like the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, Pordenonelegge litterary festival, the Pordenone Blues Festival and Dedica Festival.

Art Spiegalman (Pulitzer awarded american graphic novelist) made a really nice endorsement to help us to make this project come true.